Manual The French Enlightenment and the Emergence of Modern Cynicism

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Cambridge Core - Political Theory - The French Enlightenment and the Emergence of Modern Cynicism - by Sharon A. Stanley.
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The Tyranny of Liberalism. James Kalb. Gender and the Politics of History. Joan Wallach Scott. An Essay on Liberation.

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Herbert Marcuse. Legislators and Interpreters. Zygmunt Bauman. Arthur Kaledin. Albert Memmi. Dignity, Rank, and Rights. Jeremy Waldron. Anthony T. World of Our Making. Nicholas Onuf. Christopher Lasch.

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Emile Durkheim on Institutional Analysis. Readings from Emile Durkheim.

Prof Kenneth Thompson. What Is Conservatism? Frank S Meyer. Human Rights on Trial.

The French enlightenment and the emergence of modern cynicism / Sharon A. Stanley - Details - Trove

Justine Lacroix. Feminism and Modern Philosophy.

Andrea Nye. Feminist Thinkers and the Demands of Femininity. Lori Marso. Periodization and Sovereignty.

Kathleen Davis. George W. A Passion for Friends. Janice Raymond. The Modern Predicament. George Scialabba. Michel Foucault and the Politics of Freedom. Thomas L. Politics and the Passions, Victoria Kahn. Why Tolerate Religion? Brian Leiter. Racism, Sexism, Power and Ideology. Colette Guillaumin. Pierre Bourdieu. Gad Yair. Democracy Past and Future. Pierre Rosanvallon. The Cambridge Companion to Tocqueville.

Cheryl B. The Sex of Knowing.

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  • The French Enlightenment and the Emergence of Modern Cynicism.
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National History and the World of Nations. Rey Chow. Solidarity, Subsidiarity and Common Good. Edmund Aku. Canon Fodder. Penny A. The Philosophy of Law. Mark Tebbit. The Politics of Liberal Education. Darryl Gless. Aristocracy of Everyone. Benjamin Barber. Between Truth and Freedom. Kenneth Wain. On Ordered Liberty. He is certainly controversial, but to state that Rousseau preached science is bad is nonsense. Slavery goes far back into prehistory. Romans and Slavs. For that matter, the majority of modern slavery persists in Muslim countries.

That you have to use that denial means…you are homophobic! Did you beat your wife today? Are they superstition? This article does a fine job in making the case that critics who blame the Enlightenment for slavery and racism are, in effect, sawing off the branch on which they sit. But I think the author may, unintentionally perhaps, downplay the role that evangelical Christianity played in the American abolitionist movement.

And this was not a particularly Enlightenment-inspired strain of religion like Unitarianism, for example. John Brown was no Voltaire. I do, which makes me agree with the premise of the critique of the Enlightenment, but for a different reason. Yes, the Enlightenment was a praradox in that those espousing the philosophy were aubjugating other men. However, Marxism was the critique of such activies. It was supposed to be the liberation of not only all of the slaves, but the working class in general. Well, we all know how that story played out.

That is to say, the extention of the Enlightenment was also full of men saying one thing and then doing the opposite.

The Enlightenment’s Cynical Critics

Except, for the better part of a century the same types that work at Slate who are all too eager to deploy critique of the narrative of the Enlightenment are also quick to defend or at least fail to mention the 20th century Enlightenment spill over. The post modernist who love the critique of narratives never seem to get around to critiqing their own narratives. Marx is a shifty character because he took both from the Enlightenment and German Romantics, primarily Hegel.

A crucial way Marx differed from the Enlightenment philosophers was regarding individualism. Those were his words. Was making hell on earth for the individual transcendental? Perhaps, but certainly not in the way Marx envisioned. He thought individualism would be sublated by his higher society. Rather, Marxism should be seen as an early manifestation of Modernism, and the critique it represented to Enlightenment thinking. I place no blame on the Enlightenment for Marxism. It is what it is. Marxism is a critique of Enlightenment- the critique is that the equality the Enlightenment says is right and moral doesnt go for enough.

Marx is a reasonable extension of the Enlightenment. The only reason anything like the Enlightenment worked in the Anglosphere is the English and their descendants formerly had a healthy dose of conservative Burkean prejudice to act as a counterweight. While Enlightenment thinker were supporting slavery — to some degree — Muslim corsairs were raiding European coasts from southern Italy to Iceland for slaves.

The French Enlightenment and the Emergence of Modern Cynicism

European slaves did much of the public works projects in North Africa — and were beaten to death if they tried to escape, or merely did less work than was demanded of them And slavery was legal and religiously sanctioned in Islam right up to our times — thus the Arab diplomats repeatedly caught enslaving servants in this country. Yes, the difference is that the Muslim world had no qualms about it. They wanted slaves, they went and got slaves. You cant fault them for doing exactly what they said they were going to do.