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The blood sucking saga continues. Angel, a year old vampire cursed with a conscience, haunts the dark streets of Los Angeles alone.
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Lucifer receives a phone call from Amenadiel and finds him waiting for him at his penthouse.

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Watcha Want Willa J. Angel Joseph of Mercury.

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Dan and Charlotte do some day drinking. She wants him to go get undressed and wait for her in the closet. Money Caroline Rose. So Bad Doran Danoff.

Angel, The Complete Series

Taking Charlotte's suggestion Dan goes to go into the bar supply closet and strip down. In the Air Tonight Jon Howard. Have the same question?

Follow Share. Lyrics started "I know you've been waiting you've been waiting all your life. I know what you've been thinking I can see it in your eyes". Anyone know who sings it and what the title is?

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FarmerBob 2 years ago. Shazam even failed. She may have arranged it, but did not perform it. At this episode Write a Review. User Reviews. ShawnDavidAllen Aug 3, This show is very interesting, while not at all a whiz-bang action show. The acting is very good and the writing is, perhaps, a bit too polished. Still, I find myself coming back every week to see more.

EludiumQ36 Sep 8, This was a pretty decent season 1.

Angel Magic

There's an A-story and a B-story to follow. The A-story is about how a visionary Jack Parsons breaks the rules and conventions of the time - America, - to advance the science of rocketry - remember, it was all propeller aircraft at the time. So this This was a pretty decent season 1. So this is another study in perseverence and overcoming everyone throwing obstacles in your way. The B-story is where you find the soft "R" side of this series, the cult of the occult.

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Familiar with Alistair Crowley? The season finale only mildly set the stage for a season 2 and there's supposed to be five of 'em. Was season 1 good enough to interest me in a second one? I don't think so.


There wasn't enough grab, enough of a hook. And most drama series dial it back in their second season, so they tend to be boring while they build back stories and other superfluous plotting we don't care about. Octomort Jul 19, I am of an older generation and use to a slow burner. However the fuse hasn't even been lit on this one! The writing is mediocre. The way the science and research is treated is laughable.

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None of the I am of an older generation and use to a slow burner. None of the character have any It is a dull slog which portrays the GALCIT team as blue collar underdogs, when they were all from fairly well connected backgrounds, despite some problems with the depression. Tedious and below my threshold for suspension of disbelief yet another example of the artsy community having no real understanding of sciences and so not knowing how to portray them dynamically with depth.

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